Soul Calibur 4 - Game models here

OBJ + FBX | 895 MB ~ Total
Game models from the Xbox 360 version of Soul calibur 4 includes: Characters, weapons and stages.

Characters: - 494.08 MB

Stages: 316.93 MB
Weapon: 85.81 MB

All 94 character models ( multiple costumes per fighter ) Including darth vader and Yoda, All textured

272 ( yes two hundred and seventy two ) Weapons…( approx 7 weapons per character ) including light sabers. All textured

43 Stages. The actual playing areas you fight in. All textured.

All in .OBJ+.MTL And .FBX so you should be able to import them into most 3d apps

It says you need a premium account to download anything larger than 400 MB.

Aw, my bad.

fixed now. :buddy:

Inb4 Ivy sex poses

So you won’t have to put the textures onto the model like a big fucking puzzle? If yes, then this would be easily done. If not, then this will probably take a long time to put the textures together.

There has already been some Soul Calibur IV things ported

yeah, but needs more characters. . .

But the textures are a bitch to put together. Meaning the person who’s willing to do this will either take a very, very long time to put the textures together, and onto the model, or will eventually give up.

is there any one has Soul 4 Stages and Weapon ?