Soul calibur 4 models for gmod


I’m kind of new here and found this forum whilst searching for soul calibur 4 models for gmod. I’ve downloaded the 494 mb large file with all the characters, but I can’t figure out how to put them in gmod. I have read that you need to rig the model and do something for the materials but I can’t find a way doing this. I’m using blender for this. I can import the model
but that’s all. I only really want the shura model to be honest. If anyone can help me doing this or do it for me I will be very thankful. It would also be nice to have the rigged model so I can just use it in blender.

Thanks very much, and I hope someone can help me with this!

Maybe you should link us to what you downloaded and someone could do it for you.

This is where I downloaded the models from…Obj file with number 142 on it is shura. I’ve been trying this the whole day, but I just can’t do it :frowning:

Shura is already on Gmod, as an extra character on Rastifan pack from Taki & Ivy; but she doesn´t have faceposing, fingerposing & aswell eyeposing. If you want to make the face, eyes & all that stuff working, ask roland

Allright, thanks very much I found them. You just made my day!!