Soul Calibur in Cave

I was going to add some more props and stuff to the background to try to make it look more like a Soul Calibur scene, but in the end I didn’t want to spend anymore time on it.

Can you identify the hidden character?

Ohh and Talim(?) sticks out because of a bug with the model, I tried to adjust her space which made her more colourful at least instead of a complete white ghost.


dad-a-chuck dad-a-chee it’s as dumb as can be.

This is like poses you do either when bored or on drugs. Plus this ‘hidden character’ could be anyone given how I don’t shit about Soul Caliber. But, I’ll take a wild gander and say it’s the samurai chimmeying up that rock formation (God forbid I remember the correct term when its needed).


Cookabera laugh

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The fuck is a cookaberra?

It’s spelled kookaburra :colbert:

Why is Nightmare wielding Soul Calibur? He’s Soul Edge incarnated, why would he be using the sword that’s his polar opposite?

Also, bad posing, and needs anti-aliasing.

I don’t really want to bump this considering how little it is was liked, but help me understand something. Why is this dumb and all your boring modern warfare pictures okay? At least I posted something original.

Also anti-aliasing is already set to 4X, why wouldn’t he wield both swords if he could. Can he? I don’t know, I had the impression that both swords are evil, oh well.

Well, for starters, most mw pictures actually have effort put into them. This, not so much.

You must be doing something wrong with your aliasing, seeing as there is not AA here; the posing is sub-par on everyone, no point of focus, and I could go on.

Its not so much the idea that is bad, I mean the setting could be useful maybe, but the posing seems pretty weak, the camera angle is boring and the focus…well there is no real focus. Actually, pretty much what G-Strogg said.
And I highly doubt Nightmare would ever wield Soul Calibur.

I think all the CoDMW2 pictures are okay because they actually “tried” instead of being lazy to make the posing actually good. And photoshop too. And Taki looks like she flicked the weapon at IVY while looking at the other weapon in her hand like she was just randomly throwing her weapons around… Nightmare is to be using Soul Edge not Soul Calibur, and why is the girl that’s about to stab Tira using a kantana?

I don’t see what the big ass fuss is about Nightmare wielding Soul Calibur, when Seigfreid was still possessed by Nightmare in Soul Calibur 2 he could use it.

And someone tell Yoshimitsu to get down from there before he breaks something.

Long story short: The idea is awesome, it’s nice to see a change from FP being gay for soldier boys, but the execution was horrendous.

Also to above post: Nightmare wielding Soul Calibur in SC2 was non-canonical. An unlockable weapon, yes, but it never happens in the actual storyline. If it was canonical then you might as well say Nightmare was famous for swinging around a giant squid.

Hey thats Yoshimitsu up there…cool Picture…^w^
Btw whats the name of the map?
Hope you dont mind saing…

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