Soul Calibur IV left models?

How all of you know, roland has uploaded and another people, some of the characters, well, i was thinking “why not more characters?”, so i search for models, and i got to a page that has all the characters in all of the costumes, i don´t know if someone would gonna to port all of them, but it will be pretty good start with some characters, like Sophitia, Maxi or Siegfried. And here´s the link for the models, i hope someone´s gonna to do these. And if it can be make it, i would want in face/eye/finger poser. Thanks beforehand

Umm last time Roland told me the models were a bitch. I too tryed myself to put the textures on those models, and it sure has been a bitch. Seriously all of these models will take a long time. Also most things you say in your sentences make no sense at all. I doubt any one will do them, or will at least give up in a few minutes.

What he said. They’re very complicated and detailed. They take a large amount of work just to get in to Source. I have a feeling the models will eventually catch the eye of some group of porters and they will start working on it. For one guy to man the project though…that’s a lot of work.

Well, i don´t want all of them, it´s just that the pack comes with all of them, i would like to be ported Sophitia, Maxi and Siegfried, but if the files are so bad quality, i should wait, and Gregster, it wasn´t necessary the “no sense”, i just wanted to do an introduction, heh, nevermind, someone soon will port them

The files aren’t bad quality. No one ever said they were bad. They’re great, but the textures are like a big ass puzzle. It’s hard to put them all together. No one will soon port them.

I would guess porting those are lots of work.

If I had the skills in qc and compiling I would totally give it a try.

They aren’t bad quality, but the colors are kinda gone for me, and I have no idea how to bring them back.

Are these extracted to max? or…

I think so. I was able to get them on. They’re .obj files I believe. But have fun putting the textures together. They’re a bitch.

will you dig in to this? or someone you know?

someone I know