Soul Calibur IV Packa

Hey guys whats up

       Its been a while since i released anything cause  ive been working on a pack for a long time ( 1.5) years   so  here you have it       

I waited till my birthday to release it so you guys can try it out now on the Steam workshop there’s some kinks here and there but I will update time to time. when all the patching is done I will upload everything on another mirror.

Big thanks to Urbinator,sky,Mariokart,orez,Dpfilms,aleko,link for helping me out heres some pics and of course the link :smiley: – MAriokart’s site
pics by urbinator~~

Final Bonus Pack
Download – --Download

Some SDK Shots

Programs used for project: CrazyBump , 3ds Max 2009/2012 ,MS Paint heres 2 pics of the old SC4 project and the new

He returns!

I see a few Soul Calibur V things in there. Just out of curiosity, would you be willing to provide a download link for the non-compiled models themselves as well?

Sure thing man well I’m going on a Road trip later today and i wont be back till like Sunday so mos definitely


Ohhhh my!!!

Awesome release!

Also, i assume gratulations are in order Roland?

Absolutely brilliant work Roland!
And here’s a couple of other preview shots.[/thumb][thumb]

And I was looking for a SC Yoshi just the other day, are you a wizard?

Awesome stuff.

I’ve got to ask - why are you using crazybump? Don’t the original models have some sort of bump map themselves?

oh it was for the bonus models for AO creation

Amazing work! Thank you for this!

Good work but no IK chains.

Damn! That’s some fine models you got there!

I gotta ask though, does this come with Darth Vader with a fixed cape? 'Cause the last time we had a SC4 Vader show up in Gmod he had no cape with him. Made the model feel awkward without it.

I was just playing SCIV for the first time in months. Talk about synchronicity. Great work.

[SUB]I really, really hate to be that person, but is there any chance that Sophitia might make it in at some point?[/SUB]

You win. You win so hard… these are amazing.

Your work is highly commendable, and a great addition to the community. Good job!

I have been waiting so long for this, thank you so much!

Looking forwards to future releases as well.

You are clearly one of the best porters here on FP. Impressive work. Thanks a lot.

nice job on the models dude, maybe we can see all soul calibur charters from 4 and 5 make it to gmod.