Soul Calibur IV Weapon Props

Recently I downloaded A very large amount Of rippid content From Soul Calibur IV And I was wondering If someone Could take the models and textures and Turn some of the weapons into props.

But I’d Like the Textures to be transparent like they are in the game, I would be doing these myself but my Mod tool doesn’t seem to have that function built into it…

I’m mostly Just intersted The Soul Edge Which is used by Nightmmare, And the Soul Calibur Which is used By Seigfried.

If anyone is willing to take this task let know and I can send you the weapon models and Textures through E-mail.

What No takers?

Well if It makes it any easier I’ve Decided give a link to where I uploaded them.

Hey I can make these for you but can’t promise them to be great but since no greater texturer is stepping forward I will attempt it ^.^ I personally love that sword expect me to start a thread with the model soon I will link it to here when I am done :buddy:

Contact me
After I am done with these models and I will see what other ones I can do, Assuming you still want them.

Hey I found nightmare + sword here:

I can make you soul calibur though.

That Soul edge is actually a ragdoll, the creator of it actually used a form of bone for it Eye and Eye lids. So it spazez out alot…

I have every other weapon model from the game (which is quite alot) So I’f I think of another one I’ll be sure to let you know…

Check out my first test result, I think it looks pretty good. Now I will add light transparency and release it. Here is a first look

And do you want me to include a new version for the Soul Edge? Or should I just let the other one be enough?
P.S- Do you like da results so far :cool:
I released the file here

I’d like most of the other weapons, If you could give me a link or message me at It would be appreciated.


Hey I just realized you did not give me the soul edge lol And if you could send me all the models you have It would be appreciated it takes like not long to port these models and make em look good