Soul Calibur player model request

Hey everyone, can anyone convert these ragdoll models into player models, I want to play as Talim in Left 4 Dead and Garry’s Mod, here are the models made by the user roland714.

I would appreciate anyone’s effort at this as I am a noob in hex editing and such. I would like at least Talim be made into a player model

here is the link to his models from his thread.

I’d swear I’ve seen Talim in a pack somewhere. But asking for a player model is a whole different story. Needs to re-rigged and all that.

The above links have the Talim models that can be used as ragdolls in Gmod. If you can post a good tut, I may try it myself.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on a tut on rigging the ragdolls into player models? I really want this, I’m willing to take hrs of reading and trial and error to learn this. I have the student version of 3DSMax 2011 too if that helps. Can I simply import an existing HL2 player model and use it’s skeleton and animations on the desired models I want to use?