Soul Calibur V

Now that Soul Calibur V is out, I’m wondering if some of the characters can be ported.

I demand that dude with the awesome hat and sweet mustache takes priority over any watermelon smuggling chick.

I support this statement, and this thread.

I support this, but I highly doubt it will be done soon. I’m pretty sure people will want to play the game and unlock everything they can before attempting to port anything.

Its probably going to be like Final Fantasy XIII-2. People will want to play the game before ripping/porting anything from it.

That’s the great thief Lord Geo Dampierre, or as he calls himself, “La Bello”. A lot of people hate him because he’s a total troll. (A lot of really silly, deceptive moves where he bounces around and makes his opponent look stupid.) Of course, that’s what makes him so awesome and fun to watch/play as. He’s a DLC character though so people will have to wait until he because available.

Le Bello first. EPICSTACHE.

Then my lovable bitchy Tira.


Le Bello,Xiba,Natsu and Kilik.

(Sigh…dumb-rating trolls. Please, give me a legit reason as to why my post was dumb, then I’ll accept it.)

Oh, and to give a point to this post, people will probably have completed most if not all of the modes in the game, so it may not be as long of a wait as we think.

Why do you care what other people rate you?

La Bello means “The Beauty” So i guess he´s gay, maybe an stronger character, but gay

It will take long because there may not be ways to port them yet. It also is a bitch to put everything together, so no it’s not going to be a short wait.

Okay, that’s reasonable.

I would love to see Nightmare done. I think there’s a old file of him that mariokart64n did that came from SC3 but I could be wrong. Heck I wish I could find that file again.

The idea of Elysium becoming an available model suddenly popped into my head, and it made me very wet. Thanks guys…

seriously though, I’m having fun with SC5 and am happy with the available SC4 models.

Many characters from SC5 should be in GM not only whose, what about Nightmare? And Taki?

Didn’t Taki get cut from SC5, along with a bunch of others?

Either way, good luck with this everyone.

Also Nightmare and Taki have been ported. Twice even.

Those models were from IV, not V. There’s a new Nightmare and Taki got replaced by a younger flatter-chested teenage girl instead.