Soul Calibur Weapons

This is my first real prop thread… once I was done with my Harkonenn Rifle/Cannon I moved to the request forum and seen a fairly easy request that required some simple porting so i started porting alot.Keep in mind before downloading the only light saber in this pack with good lighting is the first one. Because I did not make that one. The other ones have a weird glow none of you will probably like but… whatever.


download Pt.1:
And download Pt.2.:

Wow, looks nice so far, but I think that weapon is more blue-ish.

If you are requesting more weapons, it would be awesome if you port Siegfried Requiem, that one from Nightmare that looks like black with some spikes on it (I don’t remember the name now) or some from Lizardman.

Can’t go wrong with Mitsurugi’s weapons, and of course Soul Edge.

I know the very center of the sword has a strong blue glow, But I figured that would be a little difficult.If anyone knows how to add a glowing texture which would be strong enough to resonate on the other ones feel free to tell me how or re-upload as a version 2 and I will work on dez weapons.

Got Astaroth?

Hey guys can you tell me what weapon this is

And I will release more after OneWingedAngel8 gives me the rest of the files :lol:

it looks familar, i think its sophias or her sister i forgot her name

Thats Actaully used by Yun-seong, I don’t know the exact name of the weapon though…

Hello everyone, I would like to state that there are 74 weapons to import, Not counting the sheathes and shields that come with the weapons o.o this will take a while but I will work on it vigorously expect much more soon.

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All of them, mainly the ones that look the least “fantasy cock beam waving super fantastically stupid”.

wait… what?

anyways progress …

I had to rope the nunchucks or whatever they are are roped together manually they will not come together and I spawned 2 of the voldo weapons they are also not together.

Sexy Naginata is…

Makes me wonder if it’d be possible to make the melee bladed weapons from Ratchet And Clank.


Kilik’s staff.

Pweez? :downs:

Which game are these being ripped from? I for one would like some of Link’s weapons from SC2, if that’s the one being used.

Soul Calibur 4, but there are plenty of Master Sword props and even crowbar replacments on

I am doing all weapon models from Soul Caliber 4 if it’s in there it will be include .
And some more weapons ^.^

The diamond glass thingy for example, looks quite ridicilously stupid in it’s over the top fantasy way. And at the same time is quite unusable for example in comics.