Soul Eater: Battle Resonance models

Hey since ive been here for a while i would like to request some models from the game : soul eater battle resonance.
But the game was only released in japan and im not sure if there are torrents from the game on the internet,but i would really appreciated if someone could do it thanks.

NOTE:i know this thread is dead but i found some models of the game : &
They’re for XNAlara and i hope somebody can rig these to gmod cause i tried and i don’t know a thing :P, but thanks in advance :slight_smile:

trust me when I say these models are truly truly awful.

IMO, they don’t look too bad, maybe even TF2-ish? It kinda fits the environment. There have been many anime crossovers with TF2 in Gmod that looked awful, being 3D models of 2D characters and all. Why do these particular character models have to be awful?

Edit: Just watched a few gameplay videos, and I can see why they may be bad. The textures seemed like they were made to provide popping 3D effects, but end up making the characters look like they have brown skin under their chins. And Soul looks so round that he looks like a Mii :o . Again, these are 2D anime characters TRYING to be made into 3D game settings, they look awkward, but they are nice attempts.

let me just go ahead and say that you’ll need a physical copy

they arent even on TF2 levels, I think the company hired a child for the 3d modeling part. there not worth much, better off remaking them.

Alright I’ll be honest, I had a second look at the videos, and they’re really bad. They really look like they were done for the PS2. Which sets a good example of me being too positive on something that I liked. TBH, they should be remade. I can sense some good potential with these characters in Gmod/SFM like all the other anime characters on Gmod.

Edit: Sorry, I meant a psOne game, it’s that bad.

Sorry for the really late reply but i know your’e all right but i like them the way they are.

Yeah honestly I can’t see them looking very good in Gmod. At all. Ever. Period.

Honestly, you’ll probably get ridiculed for using such low-quality models in pictures.

Eh, just looked at the link you provided in your OP. Well, I’m no critic to what makes a quality model or not, but these are still pretty ick. I’m sure there are plenty of better looking ones somewhere. You just gotta keep looking harder.