Soul Eater GMod Models?

Hello all, i’m not sure where else to post this so… are there any models from Soul Eater Battle Resonance for GMod? I looked around but couldn’t find any and would like to have them, specifically Death The Kid (my fav:wink:).

You will most likely have to find a modeler willing to make that character from scratch because as far as i know there has never been a soul eater game. That being said means theres no model resources to pull from meaning it has to be a custom job.

Well scratch that there is a game it can be done if you can help with how a modeler will get ahold of the game to extract the nessecary resources from

The models are so terrible they arent worth getting. just pay a modeler to make it from scratch.

Hmm not what I wanted to hear, I had never played the game so I wasn’t sure how good the models where, thanks anyways though.

As a rule of thumb - if it’s an anime game, the models are not worth it at all. The only games that seemingly have semi good quality models that come out of asia are their MMOs

What about MMD? The have tons of custom models from other anime and video games. It’s like an asian Garry’s Mod, only that it’s more towards dancing and filming than ragdoll posing. I do remember there were some MMD models of most of the Soul Eater cast there, but I can’t really judge on the design though because I can’t really tell. There was one guy I know who ports MMD models to Gmod. He does take requests, but with how he has a history with anime fans bugging him to port their favorite characters, I doubt he will take up the offer.

I was jus’ about to say that, MMD has a ton of good models indeed.