SoulCalibur III?

So if the SoulCalibur IV models are absurdly complicated, is there any chance that models from SoulCalibur III might be any easier? I know the ones that I would be looking for in particular would be Sophitia, Cassandra, Killik, and probably Tira, Talim and Taki just for the sake of continuity. The three T’s have already been ported from IV, but I wouldn’t mind having the SCIII versions either. Especially Tira and Taki.

I’m afraid I can’t point anyone to the models themselves, but if anyone is willing to take this on, I’ll help however I can. How about it, community?

If you want the 3 T´s ones, they sure replace the actual ones from SCIV or viceversa. Also, i support these, i want the SC models, and now it´s the new oportunity

I second this request. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been requesting a port of SC3 Cassandra? I hated the character designs in SC4, don’t get me started. Maybe now somebody with some porting skill will notice that I’m not the only one who wants SC3 ports.

SCIII was the best of the series IMO. And I would love to see a Zasalamel model in Gmod, so I support this request.

I agree, 3 was the best of the series. Soul Edge and SC1 were pretty good, SC2 was great, SC3 was freakin’ awesome, and SC4 was a big disappointment. To be fair, SC3 had a few problems, like quick-time-events and Chronicles of the Sword mode, but no game is perfect.

With 3’s wide selection of game modes, and the depth of its character creation, it took on a more grandiose and epic feel. I actually loved Chronicles of the Sword and was looking forward to a vastly improved version in IV, instead we got that lame tower. And the character creation was definitely more polished, but the number of items was significantly less than 3, not to mention most of the items were so outrageous that my dignity forbid me from using them.

Er…so, anyone is up to this? Also, maybe you should put a link for the models OR to the .iso for be extracted from there

I’m not sure that anyone has extracted the model files before, but the .iso file should be relatively easy to find. Quick goog search turned up quite a few results, and odds are at least some of those are genuine! One in particular looked legit, but I’m not 100% on FP’s torrent linking policies, so I’m just a little hesitant to post it.

Oh i forget, you must put pictures, if someone don´t know what will port

Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures and better details in the event that anyone agrees to take this on. : )

I do have a good link for the .iso file now, if that helps anyone.

So what is the Facepunch policy on posting links to torrents? I don’t want to get banned or anything. :frowning:

Yeah… A link to a torrent can sadly get you banned here. :frowning: