Soulcalibur IV Nightmare & Tira

here is nightmare and tira from soul calibur 4 ive been workin on soulcalibur for a long while and while doing so i practiced with em i applyed face flexing kinda half assed here and there my bad if it doesnt come out so well moving the bar to anywhere beyond the middle for certain flexes might be tooo well jus more then wut u would expect also tira has no eyeposing since i would have to sacrifice the little shinny area under eye and i havent really learned the eye posing thing or atleast recieved any help on it :stuck_out_tongue: and nightmare i did his 2nd costume his first i would have done but he has that particle effect in his stomach and i have no idea how ima pull that off (theres no mesh there either just so u kno :p) the thing for his hair would have been easy tho :stuck_out_tongue: also nightmare has this glowin eye thing kinda like with yoshi if u played im not sure how to do that i believe it applys to both versions

oo keep in mind nightmare has about 27 phybones first time i went over 24 :smiley:

oo ya and im throwing in 2 of my favorite weapons from their selection :smiley:
also a extra :stuck_out_tongue:

update Fix
* Reduced the glow well set it to the normal presets :stuck_out_tongue:


update Fix * fixed the weird bug with her hair so it wont turn red at certain angles :<
* added eyeposing but i had to remove the white seam thinggy under her eye :o
* modified the phymodel so her thighs r more flexible :smiley:
* no talim update or well any character update yet cuz im still kinda busy :s nightmare&tira


Tira +eyeposing /w textures& fix - (full) as of 8/30 :smiley:

Tira hair fix - (fix)
Nightmare Glow fix - (fix)

(ima actually gunna leave the ad that comes with every link they make from imageshack cus they r so reliable :D)

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Roland is credit to team.

I love you. I came so hard.

We need all characters in a pack. That would be so orgasmic.

Wow, the nostalgia explosion I experienced when this forced me to remember Soul Caliber II. Personally, I preferred Nightmare in the previous games, the overhaul in IV was a bit extreme, but I got over it. Good game, I agree whole heartedly that a whole pack be released. Ah I remember trying to get an up-skirt of Sophitia when I was 6 or 7, oh the memories that could be fulfilled with a whole pack.

If I might ask: Maybe upload as an SVN or to An SVN would be a good idea if you intend to work on the rest of the models.


And yes, I do mean a Pack of SC IV models.

Damn, you’re on a roll.

I fail. Missed the wrong thread.

Amazing job as always roland.

You are awesome… I shall find a picture to represent thy awesomeness

Rolan i love you [but i’m not gay ]

There’s a problem with your extra…her upper body is glowing for some reason.

Good work man. It’s nice to see another Knightmare port.
Now he can battle against his old self.

Keep up the good work!

More gals are needed

I like the secret model a bunch, my favorite character actually :dance:

May I offer a suggestion? On the character’s right hands, using fingerposer on them works fine, great even. But on the other hand, the fingers bend outwards when I make them do a thumbs up. It appears that hand mirrors the finger bones in the right hand. Maybe try flipping those finger bones the other way?

oo ya lol at the time i did her i used selfillum on the chars it gave a nice tone but well u get wut u c ingame :stuck_out_tongue: the extra is jus a peak :o she wasnt reheighted either :<

oo ya that has always happend with these characters i thought it was just me lol u have to go left to make it go right and so on :c

I use the preset fingerposes, not that good at doing it myself :frowning:

Did a picture with them(not including tira,got somethin’ special planned for her)

I love you in a really gay way
I agree with a whole pack

Wud bang.

i have a problem with a model “nighmare_p2” pliz look this pic

She’s only 17 you know.

this is a work for Pedobear!!!