Souls Ultimate RP |PHX|Wire|DrugMod|Custom Jobs|and more!

Due to the fact that i have not gotten any Good criticism and all i have gotten is trolls i am closing this thread. I do not want people like these guys on my server RDMing and messing around.

Although most effort than most.
WAAY, too typical.

Downtown? Honestly?
What next, EvoCity?

Gosh, be a good server and try other maps, like I am.

Yea i understand what your saying. I like to get the peoples opinions first before i switch the map. I am also hoping to get some sort of map cycle where the map changes weekly.

Also, You cant say your a good server when your rank is lower than mine…

Don’t think rank matter’s eh.
It doesn’t, people like your server is better than mine like that, judge it from the pro’s here at FP.
They are the true players of Garry’s Mod, what you’re getting are all the minges waiting to kill. They’re nesting on you.

I’ve had only 2 minges, out of my 10 player base, excluding admins.

oh lol c:

Not trying to brag neither.

Im making a point. Oh, and Downtown is quite popular.

Wow, why would you rename the gamemode?

Joined a week or two ago, mingefest.

Tell me this one thing, is it literp or serious rp?

How bad?

About the same as any other server out there. Horrible.

Actually RoFL i am looking at your profile right now in - game and i banned you for being a minge.
You are not one to talk because you where the one who was spamming, RDMing and just being an ass.
If their where minges, you never bothered to report them, You just decided to rage and rdm everyone.
Please, Do not come here and say the server is full of minges when you where one of them.

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Also RoFL if you recall i said at the top, Do not just troll the server. IF it is full of minges, Tell me ways to prevent the minges. Also do not say “Get rid of DarkRP” Unless you have a really good RP gamemode.

1/24 people, jeez how fun does that sound?

You never banned me, I joined for about 5 minutes, got RDM’d 3 times, and left.

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Because adding 1000 unneeded jobs apparently makes your server “custom”

You played for about a week. Then you got banned.

Plus i did not add 1000 unneeded jobs. Those where requested by players. I do not just randomly add things, I ask for the peoples opinion before i do anything.

Next time tell me things to improve on…like i asked from you before.

Anyway, Thanks for the review

Probably a typical DM server.
And RP do NOT need PHX, Wire or Durgzmod.

I played for 5 minutes, not a week. I would NEVER join a DarkRP server and actually stay on it.

Alright, Thanks for the review Ascensive.

I have, ONCE. People were actually roleplaying, too bad the server is down forever :C.

Woah. The server is back up. Sorry i was away for a while and was not watching over it.

So, you call anyone a troll who will say that Dark RP sucks?
Can’t people have an opinion anymore? Grow up.

Ok… 1 the first sentence made no sense. 2 People can express their opinions, What i am asking for is for a person to NOT come and and just say “DarkRP sucks” I want people to express things that will better help me. Plus this is a server advertisement, Meaning i am just here to try and increase my population.

So for you to tell me to grow up, tells me you are still young and your having a bad day.

Plus you rating my server “dumb” without even trying it also tells me you are being unfair and judgmental.