Soulstorm Brew SWEP.

I was perhaps wondering if anyone would like to make a Soulstorm Brew swep from Abe’s Exoddus.

The basic idea would be:

  • A drinkable item/SWEP
  • Drinking it decreases your health, But allows you to launch controllable fart clouds with right click, Releasing one results in the camera trailing it, And it would explode after a period of time. (As in the game)
  • Drinking too much turns you green and reduces your health to 5, and incredibly decreases your movement speed.

I’d be very willing to make a skin and extract sounds for this, Thanks in advance,

I remember this game the good old days before the monstrosity that was Munch’s Oddessey, I cant make this but if the thread gets bumped enough someone who actually knows LUA could do it.

P.s. I would love to see more Oddworld sturf