Sound + 2D gamemode

I think that Source had some lost potential in the sense that it could’ve had “2D” games that would’ve worked super well, and by that I mean games with fixed camera angles to look like a sidescroller or top-down and I think that Source 2 could also benefit from this kind of gamemode especially in S&box since Valve is hyperfocused on VR. I’ve looked at some other posts on this topic and I’ve seen that two people already are doing this and I would be super eager to help implement something like this like a 2D sidescroller/platformer mode but the thing is I’m completely useless at programming. What I’m not useless at is sound, so even though there are probably dozens of people wanting to help in this regard, I might as well still offer to contribute to any form of sound design for the people working on 2D gamemodes or even S&box itself (like that’s gonna happen lol) Well, that’s all I have to say.