Sound an animal makes when they die

Requesting something similar to a ‘gore off’ option.
Or a change in the sound an animal makes when they die.

I can stand the blood and the chop chop sound when you’re looting a dead animal,
but I didn’t like the whimpering sound an animal makes when they die.

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t bother most of the players, and I understand the realistic aspect of it,
and also that the whimpering sound was probably added so there’s a sound that lets the player know the animal is dead.

But it would be nice if, for those of us who are bothered by this sound,
have the option to turn this sound off (or hear a different sound, like a loud thud or something) while still enjoying the rest of the game.

Thank you for a great game.

your bothered by the sound an animal makes when it dies. yet you’ll beat a fellow human being to death with a rock while your Wangers are both flailing in the wind as you fight?

Just go on with it or do it yourself

I play Rust mostly for the ‘buidling/crafting/traveling around the map looking for resources’ rather than the ‘hunting animals/PVP’. I did expect these types of reactions but I’ve tried approximately 12 different survival games in the past month or so and ended up choosing Rust, so I thought I’d just post a request anyways. I’m sure later on there will be some sort of sound file that I can delete or edit client side to change the sound file.

Is this what the forums have become? A place to whine and moan about trivial shit? Either turn your sound down or avoid killing animals. I’m not sure what you’ve got going on in real life where these sounds bother you, but you have to understand that this is a video game.

Actually I don’t even like the part about killing animals.
I prefer to kill humans.
But that’s a part of the game.

Keep in mind: it’s just a game.
No real animals get hurt there.

If that is the case, I want to have taxidermized animals in my house

I wonder where proper wanger physics is on Garry’s priority list.