Sound and Spawn Icon Issues

Hello, everyone. Just looking for some assistance with some annoying problems I’m having with Garrysmod.

Before I begin, let me say that I have just recently installed Garrysmod 10 from scratch and have added Advanced Duplicator, WireMod and PHX3 Models, nothing else.

Now, I have two problems.

First, my sounds seem to be all screwed over. I give the command in an Expression 2 chip:

if ( Blah blah ){ 

It works fine… if I open the dev console. For some reason, my sounds from E2 ONLY play when I have the developer console ( the ~ menu) open. I’ll hear my engine start and idle like it’s supposed to… but only with that screen up.

Second, my spawn icons seem to be totally fucked over. I mouse over a prop in the Q menu, and the spawn icon doesn’t match the file name at all, and, sure enough, when I spawn the prop, it doesn’t match the icon.

Any suggestions for either of these rather annoying problems?

#2. Right click, re-render - all icons.