Sound Bug/Glitch

Recently i have been having absolutely no sound in Rust. I have uninstalled, restarted and verified my game cache and i still have no sound. Dose anyone have a solution?

I’m sorry, but I work on a support desk and I feel that I have to ask these questions:
Are your speakers plugged in? (to power and output from pc)
Are they turned on and the volume turned up?
Is volume muted or otherwise turned down in Windows sound settings?
Do you have, like, a pair of headphones plugged into your pc that you’ve forgotten about?

1.I do not have any speakers pluged into my pc
2.volume is on 100 and works in all other programs and google chrome i said before sound on 100 and works in all other programs
4.i do not have any other headphones or speakers pluged in

Mmkay so obvs audio is working…
Maybe check for updated drivers… or make sure that you don’t have two conflicting audio drivers loaded.
Also, make sure the audio is turned up in the game settings.

ok thanks for the help ill try that now.