Sound Causes Game To Crash

HELP ME! I edited the sound for when you select a weapon from the HL2 weps menu (not the spawn weapon menu), and the game crashed, all I did was mute the sound!

It sounds like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

Stop editing sounds.

And if you must continue, use a little trial and error.

If you post every problem you encounter, this place will be flooded.

Are you getting a little popup error as well? I was editing sounds with Audacity for a SWEP and a sound kept causing my game to crash the instant it played.

Listen bitch, if your gonna post be helpful.

Listen bitch, you suck ass at making sounds. I encouraged you to spend more time on what you do before crying on facepunch about it.

I’m done here.

good, no one needed your funky ass anyway.

Can you give a little more information? Preferably a link to download the sound. Use if you can’t find a place to upload it to.