Sound Cuts Out - OS X

Hi, I’m playing on my dedicated sandbox server with minimal addons and every time I join, after a minute or so, all game audio cuts out for no apparent reason. All audio on my computer continues to work, and I can’t hear anyone’s mics, or any game audio.

The only log message I see around cut out that is Steam related in my computer console is this, and I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated.

9/15/13 11:50:01.724 AM awesomium_process[74282]: Internals of CFAllocator not known; out-of-memory failures via CFAllocator will not result in termination.

Here are all of the game console logs before audio loss.

fem!Mituna: Something on the server is causing me to lose audio
F--E-FAIRY PIXI--E ) (<STEAM_0:1:43364929> spawned NPC npc_citizen
F--E-FAIRY PIXI--E ) (<STEAM_0:1:43364929> spawned sent prop_stove
No such variable "$selfIllumTint" for material "models/homestuck/machines/gasflame"
Error: Material "models/homestuck/machines/gasflame" : proxy "Sine" unable to initialize!
F--E-FAIRY PIXI--E ) (<STEAM_0:1:43364929> spawned model models/props_c17/furniturechair001a.mdl
F--E-FAIRY PIXI--E ) (<STEAM_0:1:43364929> spawned model models/props_c17/furnituretable002a.mdl
Requesting texture value from var "$basetexture" which is not a texture value (material: gpurt)
fem!Mituna: See now I can't hear anyone

I have searched and searched for anyone having a similar problem and I can’t find anything. I also can’t find any options or settings in Steam or Garry’s Mod that might remedy this situation.

I unfortunately cannot pinpoint audio loss on these logs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I am also suffering occasional crashes, as I apparently just did with hl2_osx no longer responding. However, this may be unrelated to the audio issue.