Sound dir not working?

I’m trying to get a few custom taunts to work, but the game is having problems finding my file.

Here is where my file is on the server.


When I try to play the file using that directory I get this error. For some reason the game is looking for the taunts using \ file structure instead of / like it should.

Failed to load sound "sounds	aunts\01.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository

I’ve checked on my Fast DL server that both the .wav and the .bz2 of that file are indeed there. I have the file added in my autorun.lua and it downloads to the user, so I’m not sure why this is happening.

it’s sound, not sounds on your server/fastdl/client. And you don’t put sounds/ in the code unless your files are in sound/sounds/etc/

sounds is just the dir I defined them in.
They’re in a folder in my addons folder called serversounds/sounds/taunts/01.wav

is that not right? I have my startup music working that way, it’s in serversounds/sounds/startup/06.wav and it works for some reason when this wont…

You don’t even listen to me. IT IS SOUND WITHOUT “S” IN THE END. Is that clearer to see? So you must put your sounds into serversounds/sound/taunts/01.wav