Sound directories & Custom Sounds


So recently I was looking into some custom sounds for Garry’s Mod. I was looking around for the directory for sounds, and where the sounds were located, and could find nothing.
I looked in the chatsounds.lua file in the DarkRP gamemode, and found sound locations such as “vo/npc/male01/hi01.wav” which is one of the sounds for “Hi” when you type “Hi” or “Hello” in chat.

I looked for a directory with “vo” or “npc”, and even searched the whole Garry’s Mod folder under steamapps\garry’s mod.

So basically my question is: Where are the sounds such as “vo/npc/male01/hi01.wav” located?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


It is located in one of the .vpk files in common/garrysmod/sourceengine/

It’d suggest using my “Extended Spawnmenu” mod on workshop, it allows you to browse through all the sounds on your client, per game and addon, or all at once, with live previews and “copy path to clipboard”.

Thank you =)