Sound effect fixes

So right now there are currently 3 sounds effects that bother the hell out of me and I would hope to see them fixed.

1st: The sound of an engine/motor running. (not the plane). Every now and then I get this sound effect of a motor or something off in the distance similar to the plane but the effect stays around for ages.

2nd: The walking/running sound. Don’t know about any of you but it sounds like we are running in wet flip-flops and it drives me nuts.

3rd: The sound of using a hatchet on wood. Sounds like a hole punch or a stapler.

4th small complaint unrelated to sound…the head bob in this game…seems overdone, hurts my eyes at times.

Brother gifted me the game earlier today and aside from the hacker/cheater situation, those 4 are my main complaints and 3 are sound effects.
I realize these are all opinions but that are the only things have issues with after my first day experience.

Ahahah aha ur right

bump for success? I posted this at an off hour of the night, was wondering what you daytime people thought.

Any update from devs ?? I still get the sound problem (#1) :confused: