Sound Effect Locations?

I want to edit the following sounds with my own (Yes, I have WAVs)

“Got Ammo” - When you pick up ammo off the floor

“Action” - When you perform an action, such as opening a door.

“Select Weapon” - The 2 sounds you hear while selecting a weapon

And other stuff.

Where are the sounds?

And for maps, I am trying to add ambient sounds to some I have. It’s so quiet and boring -.-

I know it has to do with Radius and stuff like that, but how do I edit the map to add the ambient sounds?!

I think that local files overwrite the game cache files sounds.
So, go and find the sounds in the game cache file and then put them on the right path.

Other than that, there might be lua hooks.

Where are the game cache files and how do I open them?

Sorry I’m new to Garry’s Mod.