Sound emitter stool?

Anyone know where I can download a sound emitter stool that allows me to import/add custom mp3 files instead of the ones the stool gives me? I’m tired of downloading addons with extra sounds. Is there a way I can add my very own mp3 sounds for the sound emitter stool? It’d be cool to add your own custom sounds like gunshots and the music you want instead of using the default ones.

Just put your mp3 files into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\YourAccount\garrysmod\garrysmod\sound

and they’ll show up in the root level of the Sound Emitter’s browser.

I tried playing ravebreak in my server with this once, people couldn’t hear it but me.


is there a way to make it server-side? as in so people can hear it. thanks btw.

Put the files in your servers’s sound folder

what path would that be?

Err. I don’t have a server, but wouldn’t it be a very similar path? If you’re not talking about YOUR server, it doesn’t work like that. You’d have to get the server owner to add the files, and unless you’re their close friend, it’s not likely to happen.