Sound fade out

I’m trying to get my head around sound fade out for only a select few sounds. For example I want music1.mp3 to keep playing but want music2.wav to fade out when a button is clicked. I am currently using Sound Stop which is stopping all sounds and sounds horrible when closing the motd. I have been looking for tuts everywhere and can’t figure it out. Would really love some help!


Is this what you’re looking for or have I misunderstood

Yes! But I don’t quite understand it. If you don’t mind running it through with me.

Post the code you’re trying to use now?

I am running a CON command in players clients when they click Close on the motd. Its running stopsound and a little script to close the MOTD.

Post some code? But, you need to retain a reference to that patch, so that you can target it to call FadeOut on it. Show some code and we can help :slight_smile:

if you want a sound to fade out, don’t use a console command to start the sound. use this
sound=CreateSound(entity, “path/to/sound.wav”)
–somewhere else