Sound file problems

I had a problem earlier today with something else, now everything is working but the sound. The lightsaber on off sound, loop sound and swing sound all dont work and I was wondering where I need to put them :

            self.LoopSound = "sound/lightsaber/saberloop1.wav"
	self.SwingSound = "sound/lightsaber/saberswing1.wav"
	self:SetOnSound( "sound/lightsaber/saberon1.wav" )
	self:SetOffSound( "sound/lightsaber/saberoff1.wav" )

Thats the code for the sound, where do I need to put it in my whole script :

Thanks in advance for help, been asking lots of questions today, Im still a beginner :slight_smile:

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Shit, wrong place. I’d be happy if this thread was moved to the developer discussion, it isnt meant to be here :confused: Sorry guys