Sound granade?

Hello. I want to create a SWEP like form CS:S granades Flashbang, and Smoke Granade… How to do this? I create base of SWEP, primary and secondary attack, but I don’t know how to create Smoke, or Flashbang effect. Can someone help me?

Well, first I’d start out with the swep_frag base from SBP. SBP, or The SWEP Bases Project was designed for people like you who want to create weapons based off the original HL2 or CS:S weapons. Included in the project is also an entity called sent_grenade_frag. From there, you can create your own addon folder structure, copy the sent_grenade_frag entity, renamed it to sent_grenade_sound (or whatever you desire) and start coding from there. There are helper functions within “output.lua” for the projectile entities which allow you to specify what to do on certain events like, when the grenade explodes, or while the grenade is active.

I wish you well! And if you need more help, just ask.

Granade… Is that like Gatorade, except made with grannies instead of 'gators?