Sound level around entity?

Is it somehow possible to detect the amount of sound around an entity ( more specifically an npc )? So if somebody was say running, it would make more noise than somebody who would crouch. Any function that can achieve this for me?

Any help appreciated.

Never mind, found a way to do it myself.

self.Microphone = ents.Create(“env_microphone”)


Huh, I never knew that existed. I just may exploit this finding :3:


Holy crap, how did I not know about this?

Yeah, it’s an awesome entity. I’m sure alot could benefit from it, especially mappers.

Avalanches triggered by sound, here we come!

Oh wow, this is really interesting. If it works well I probably could have used this and saved myself all the trouble of what I wanted to use this for. That is, if I can filter which sounds trigger it and stuff.

Nice find.


env_microphone doesn’t catch all sound though, but it usually picks up walking. Just a warning. There’s a lot to be desired about that entity.

Yeah, I was hoping for it to catch weapon sounds too, just doesn’t seem like it.