Sound Levels in Game

I’ve noticed that there are issues with sound. IE chopping wood or mining ore or sulfur. There really needs to be a sound control for these that pertain to the player I can understand that sound needs to be at a certain level in game but when a player is playing and he turns his sound up so he can hear his surroundings we should at least be able to turn down the volume for the sound of hacking away at wood or mining. Simply for the health of our ears… Although the sound setting a player makes does not change anything for anyone else in game that is nearby to hear. Simply an issue with not ruining our own ears.

I’m sure in the future we will see sound sliders for FX, voice, music, etc. That’s pretty standard.

The only sound that bothers me, is the zipper sound when I log in while wearing clothes. It’s loud and scares me every time lol.

:slight_smile: same for me this “zip” sound are really amazing, when i wear cloth the sound blow in my head