Sound Library Acting Up

[lua]local CrematorAmbLoop = nil

function SoundsToLoopPlayer( ply )

if ply:GetModel() == "models/player/cremator.mdl" then
	util.PrecacheSound( "cremator/amb_loop.wav" )
	timer.Simple( 1, function()
		ply.CrematorAmbLoop = CreateSound( ply, "cremator/amb_loop.wav" )


hook.Add( “PlayerSpawn”, “CrematorLoopSpawn”, SoundsToLoopPlayer )[/lua]

I want the player to play that noise if they’re a Cremator, however it won’t play when they spawn. If I kill them though, it starts playing on a respawn. NOTE: The player is being respawned when they’re model changes…

Still no luck. Anyone have a clue?

-snip- hmm yeah it does

I disagree, it calls on first spawn too!