Sound Looping :o

Hello! :), i’ve been poking a bit at the .wav files in hl2 hoping to use some for some contraptions, but i need them looped in specific way…

So!, what i want to know is, why does v8_start_loop1.wav start and then loops the engine sound that starts a bit into the file, but fan_motor_start1 just plays and stop

fan_motor_start1.wav says 3sec duration on the file and plays for that long.

v8_start_loop1.wav says 6 sec duration on the file, but keeps looping from a bit within the file.

No, it is not because the name contains “loop” -.- … (already tested that ;D)

anyone? :slight_smile:
Solved the issue myself

Loop is in the name.
.Wav files can be made to loop on their own.

Simply renaming the file with loop in the name was the first thing i tried :p. Doesn’t work that way.

and i know .wav files can be made to loop, that is the point of this thread, to find out how :wink: