Sound? Missing.

Iv experienced this problem before I had a facepunch account and the only solution I could find was to restart. I just fixed one problem to come to another. So the sound effects in gmod such as footsteps, gun sounds, vehicles, ambient, npc, ect is missing. Basically everything except addons are missing sound. I checked the garrysmod/garrysmod/scripts/sounds folder and everything is there?!? What the hell should I do because I don’t want to restart. i started a new game on flatgrass and everything was working, i came back the next day and started a HL2 map (d3_coast3) and realized no sound effects were working besides those from addons. also i have not installed any addons lately. what should i do now?

EDIT: i tried to verify garrysmod but that didnt do any thing should i delete the sound folder then try to verify? any replies would be appreciated.