[sound.PlayURL] 3d option breaks stream

For some reason sound.PlayURL with the 3d option no longer works for channels that used to. Disabling the 3d option allows the stream to start, however when adding it back I get error 41 (BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN), which doesn’t even match with it’s error id… as seen here: http://www.bass.radio42.com/help/html/78effdb0-70b5-1602-a234-b0847b4e6d6c.htm

This is my code

[lua]local function StartRadio( Entity, Table, Station )
if not IsValid( Entity ) or not Table or not Station then return end
if not GAMEMODE.RadioStations[ Station ] then StreamTable[ Entity ] = nil return end

Table.Station = Station

sound.PlayURL( GAMEMODE.RadioStations[ Station ][2], "3d noplay", function( SoundChannel, ErrorID, ErrorName )
    if IsValid( SoundChannel ) then
        if not IsValid( Entity ) or not StreamTable[ Entity ] then
            SoundChannel = nil

        if Station == StreamTable[ Entity ].Station then
            Table.Stream = SoundChannel
            SoundChannel:SetPos( Entity:GetPos() )
            SoundChannel = nil
        StreamTable[ Entity ] = nil
        PrintTable(GAMEMODE.RadioStations[ Station ])

        chat.AddText( Color( 255, 0, 0, 255 ), "Radio errored, station is dead: " .. ErrorID .. " " .. ErrorName )
end )


Has an update broken sound.PlayURL 3d feature?

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I narrowed it down a bit, it seems sound.PlayURL (bass incorporated into gmod) does not support AAC codec format. Seems it needs the BASS_AAC extention.

That’s more a problem with Bass itself then it is a GMod one.

Without BASS_AAC even 2D play wouldn’t work if the AAC codec files are not installed on windows. On Linux it seems to be not working at all.

It’s interesting though… it used to work perfectly fine originally. Has someone molested the code?

Maybe the station changed their codic to AAC. I noticed your problem when FragRadio stopped being playable for my radio addon, which was like a year ago. They changed their stream format from MP3 to AAC. When exactly did you notice your problem the first time?

Code wise there isn’t much the GMod developers could messed up with. The problem also exists in my module gm_bass3 and it’s just passing through the URL and stuff from Lua to Bass where the decoding stuff is happening. As far as I know Bass is a closed source project, so the GMod devs can’t change anything to it.

However, as you said, the devs could include the BASS_AAC plugin to fix that. I’m not sure if this would work, though.