sound.PlayURL and SetOwner

Hi all,

So I am making a radio entity where you can set the frequency and if the frequency match the set channel frequency it starts playing that channel.
I’m having issues with sound.PlayURL I don’t know how to use it correct even after visiting the wiki pages about it. It still throws errors to me.
I created a table in shared.lua where the channels are stored. That seems to work fine sharing it with init.lua.

Another problem is: I need to get info from the entity owner, to use his convar. But when I set self:SetOwner() I can walk trough it and I can’t use or physgun it. Is there any way to disable that future?

I build the GUI succesfully. That works fine.

Already thanks!

Those are ‘features’ of setting an entities owner. If you’d simply like to match a specific plauer to the entity, create a networked entity and set the player to that value.

Are you able to tell me how I can do that? I searched the wiki but didn’t found anything.

Thank you very very much. It worked!