sound.PlayURL callback function has no parameter?

So, i’ve tried using sound.PlayURL, and apparently there is a callback function, and according to several google searches, it’s supposed to have a parameter in it, the problem is, is that parameter does not even exist.
How do I get the current soundchannel that is currently playing?

Post code just to be sure.

local function callbackFunc( chan, chan2, chan3, chan4 )
	print("Channel now ready (theoritically)")
        --Print out channel crap. Added 3 parameters to see if there are any hidden params
net.Receive("StreamURL", function(size)
	local link = net.ReadString()
	chat.AddText(Color(0,255,0), "Now playing " .. link)
	sound.PlayURL( link, "", callbackFunc )

Please also post the url you have been testing with.

So in your case the callback is called but no argument is supplied?

If that’s so try messing with some of the parameters listed here

If it still doesn’t work, file a bug report on github.

This is the URL i’ve been testing with.

It plays fine in-game, but it does not supply an argument.