Sound start tiles in Faceposer

I’m putting together a Faceposer scene where I need several sound files played one after another. When I add the sounds to the Choreography timeline there is always some gap between them. I don’t feel confident about the accuracy of dragging them into position, while I can’t tell what options I’d use in adding a sound to make sure it’s flush with the sound preceding it. Help?

You mean you can’t just drag them and hit play until it sounds right?

I don’t think I quite understand.

I can drag them, but I was wondering if there’s a way for a sound to be placed flush with the end of the last sound automatically when I add one.

Maybe I’m being too perfectionist though and should just drag them manually after all.

I usually just drag them around the timeline until I get the desired effect. Another thing you can try would be clicking RIGHT where you want that wav file to play.