I am trying to add a sound to my gamemode,
in my init.lua


in my cl_init.lua


my file structure


and I keep getting the following error

Failed to load sound "find.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository

your Sound is named “Find” ??

Make sure the sound actually downloads, if you have a FastDL or something.

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Also, you really should come up with more unique names for your assets, so they don’t get overridden by other mods.

  1. How would I check for FastDL?
  2. I wasn’t aware the content wasn’t stored separate from other addons.
  3. @annilator3000 What does it matter what my sound is called?


  1. When I find out what FastDL is, what would you suggest?

Check console after joining your server for errors like ERROR DOWNLOAD or HTTP ERROR

Nope, none. Want paste bin of the console?
Console Log:

  1. Is there a tutorial somewhere for adding sounds?
  2. Is my file structure correct?
  3. is there anymore information that I could supply to help solve this issue?

Turns out I had a type in my file path… :slight_smile: