SoundDuration() always returning 0 on dedicated server

I have an issue on my dedicated server where SoundDuration() returns 0 for each sound file.

OS: Debian 7.0

the sound files must be on server too, to get soundduration working

They are on the server. I’ve tried moving them from the addon to the /sound folder and they’re still not working.

What file extension are you using. AFAIK it only works properly on .wav files.

They are .wav files. I have tried it on multiple .wav files with no result.

How are you entering the path?

If the sound is directly in the sound folder by “soundname.wav”.

And if there is a sound structure like “/sound/example/example.wav” I would enter “example/example.wav”

When I run these commands on my client they work fine. It’s only on my dedicated server that they don’t work.

Your pathing is correct, however convert them to 44100Hz rate. The source engine can’t play higher a higher rate.

It works fine on windows, but not on the linux dedicated.