soundemittersystem.dll trouble


Today, I try to open Garry’s Mod, It gets to the “Loading” part of launching, then I hear my anti virus saying file has been blocked, i didn’t see the full file, but it i did see hl2.exe (I think it was that…). I then get the following error pop up, causing gmod to close after…

This hasn’t happened before, I was playing Garry’s Mod fine yesterday, I played it a lot and it’s nothing I’ve seen before.
How do I solve this? Do I delete the file which is caused the problem? I won’t delete it until I get a firm answer, otherwise I’ll have to re-install Garry’s Mod. It’s most likely the case I’ll have to re-install anyway…

I verified the integrity of game cache, it did something, now Garry’s mod won’t launch at all, I get these problems now…

I am having the same egsact problem, i even tried reinstalling, im thinking it will fix its self but im hoping for answer soon!

Disable avast or create an exception; it has false positives constantly.

I tried re-installing Garry’s Mod, just now, to see if it would save time, but after un-installing it, it now won’t install because the anti virus detects “suspicious” files. This has never happened before to me, I was even playing Gmod yesterday…

hey guys, your not alone.

About 6 of us over here got hit with it at the same time.

Avast and malwarebytes. have both found this issue, and total re-install does not fix this issue either.

I don’t particularly want to disable my anti-virus just to play a game… Surely there must be another way?

maybe make an exception in avast settings?

seems weird for everyone to get this issue at the same time today. me and 6 people were in game together when our avast when off at the same time. delete many files, for a win32 - pup. Deleted and full install does nothing but the same issue. seems like a source code was tampered.

:confused: must be…

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well im scanning my gmod folder with avast at the moment to see why it wants to block it…

This error is very odd. It Seems everybody is getting it. Were shutting our servers down to be safe. Hopefully someone offical can help.

Having the same issue. Not trying anything until there is an answer. Verify game cache doesn’t help.

Words to any servers owner.

While i was shutting down my last server to “be safe”. my antivirus went off again saying my server file was effected now to meaning it is spreading to server comps / files aswell. I suggest shutting down until more answers.

As the Owner of all Army Of Allies Gmod servers.

Our server status is down until more answer.

I turned off all my shields on Avast and it still does it… I don’t think this has anything to do with anti-virus.

my guess is that it has something to do with a change in gmods coding

Avast auto deletes suspicous files so your going to have to re install gmod

Happened to me too right now.

I just fixed the problem: Disable avast, reverify game cache/restart steam, and it should work.

Seems like Avast is like “no FUCK YOU dll you are not working”

Dont really want to disable avast though…

Yeah… Ikr

has anyone offical said anything about this error yet, or when it will be resolved?!