Soundless explosive charges is it possible?

My house was raided while I was INSIDE the house.
They managed to blow 2 metal doors and 1 wooden wall, without me hearing it upstairs. And I normally hear EVERY single step. So as the title says - is it possible for explosive charges to make no sound at all?
Given that it’s not possible, I really think an explosive charge should make a loud explosion sound in a 50 meter radius or something like that.
Because if it can explode without someone hearing it in the room above, then it’s definitely not balanced.

No, but that’s a great suggestion! Good job. Maybe c4 + 2 silencers to make it soundless?? I like it!

Thats not possible.Maybe a sound bug or else.
If i chop with an hatchet or an Pickaxe to a wooden door,everyone around the House hear it.So how could C4 soundless

If you were on a community server its possible that it was an admin stick… Just saying