Soundlist problems

Okay so i use TCA Admin to edit my server, the other day i wanted to add some sounds and i realised there was no sound folder, so i created one garrysmod/sounds… and i have added a few sounds, the sounds i have added do not show up on the soundlist in game so i was wondering do i have to add a script to the sound folder i created to make the sounds show up on the soundlist in -game if so what is that script, if not what have i done wrong? have i placed it in the wrong folder? did i need to pt sounds in addons? (Shouldn’t be the case) anyway i hope you can help me, i would really like some sounds to the server


It’s sound, not sounds. And you gotta add those files to your FastDL, etc.

When i Update FastDL it should do that automatically, And thanks! I thought it was Sounds, It’s what i was told

Do you even listen to what I say?

The folder must be named SOUND, NOT SOUNDS.