Sounds + 3D skyboxes

I’ve got a jet flying overhead in the 3d skybox in my map. it looks all good, except i want to have the sound effect of it flying overhead. Now the problem is, the 3dskybox + 2dskybox are different world spaces (it’s merely rendered).

So how would I put this sound in and have it follow the jet overhead?

The best you can do, is use a func_movelinear and move it roughly at the same speed and direction as the yet, and have that object hold a ambient_generic.

There was also this weird entity called func_microphone or something, a point entity. It would allow you to broadcast sounds played elsewhere.

func_microphone does work, but it has to broadcast to an entity called info_target, which has a parent value.

unfortunatley setting it to !player doesn’t work :confused:

Can you make a bunch of info_target around the areas you want the players to hear the sounds to the same name, then just set the microphone to use that name.

nah, i just decided to make a sound that’s played everywhere. you can’t really tell where the jet is IRL anyways :v: