Sounds and health

Ok, so I installed garry’s mod a little while ago and I need a little help. First, I would like to know if I can somehow see the npcs health. I remember that in some of the older versions of the game I could see the enemies health as a percentage and that is exactly what I want to enable (if it’s possible) The other thing I want to know is if I can disable the player sounds, not the footsteps or the falling sounds, just the sounds it makes when I get shot or fall and take damage. If there’s another thread with the answer to my questions, I’m sorry but I couldn’t find them (mostly found threads for custom HUDs and custom sounds, when I just want to know if there’s a health display for the enemies already in the game, and disable sounds)

You cannot see NPC health without a mod ( You never were able to without a mod )
As for sounds, you can just create blank sound files with exact names for the sounds you want to disable and that will disable them.