sounds are fucked up

am i the only who expecting sound problems?
when i hit a tree theres a sound like i hit rock.
when i hit dead animal theres a sound like i hit rock.
when i hit rock theres a sound like i miss while hitting smthg, etc

anyone has the same shit?

I’ve noticed that sometimes myself and my friends don’t actually hear the sounds of our tools harvesting. But others will hear the sound coming from a different location.


2 days ago, we were building an outpost. I was in the base building it while others were chopping. The sound of one of the guys chopping (as well as the visual debris) was coming from the corner foundation of the base, and making the sound of him hitting stone, yet he was 100 meters away chopping a tree.

Earlier today, I had a dead bear out in the open (no trees around) give me wood as I was harvesting them instead of animal products.