Sounds for some weapons not there or different.

I’ve had this issue for a while now. Some of my CSS weapons have incorrect sounds or just has a zip sound to it, like a PTEWW or whatever. The Sig Sauer P228 has no sound at all, and my USP has no sound when unsilenced, but silenced it has the unsilenced firing sound.

Should I delete my sounds folder and just let Gmod rebuild it? Or do I have to go and get the sound files from somewhere else?

i would let gmod rebuild it.

I should also note that some weapons from the CSS Realistic Weapons Pack 4.0 also have sounds missing or fucked up too, and I redownloaded the pack and put that back in and the sound fuckup was still there.

maybe some other SWEP packs or guns have replaced the gun sounds and the missing gun sounds are not working because another pack has been downloaded which has either been in the same folder as it or its got the same name on the folder

im not sure if theres a fix except

  1. delete the gmod folder and start fresh
    2)delete the sound folder and download the guns again