Sounds in the vo/ directory not playing

So my understanding is that valve moved the npc sounds in vo/ to a special GCF file so that they could release different voice packs depending on the game language. One caveat is that the user must have a * symbol before the sound name in order for it to play.

It seems that if i do something like


it works… but only for some of the sounds i try. others will give me an error that it can’t be found on disk even though it’s obviously there. i thought this was a precache problem but it doesn’t seem to help if i precache the sounds.

I never knew that. I’ve always done it without the * symbol. Does it work if you remove it?

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The actual directory those vocal sounds are in doesn’t actually have a * symbol by the way. It might be unnecessary

If you spawn a civilian NPC and bump into it so it says some voice lines then use the soundlist command in console it shows all cached sounds. All of the NPC sounds have a * in front. For some reason I can only play a few of those sounds. Male01/hi01.wav works but others fail.

Does Gmod not properly load the gcf for the voice sounds maybe?

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This seems like it should be a common issue. There must be many scripts on this forum that play sounds from this directory, how the hell do they do it?

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Can someone here load into a local sandbox game and use lua_run to make themselves emit a sound from the vo directory? I need to see if this is perhaps an issue with my install

Help ya boy out

ok i solved the problem.

the string had some whitespace at the end after the .wav

i’ll add a note for this on the wiki or some shit because god damn that was annoying to troubleshoot. the console error somehow managed to prune off the whitespace when it showed the string i guess.