Sounds like tomorrow could be the opening of rust!

I went on and say this!! “The torment was over. The result was right there on the screen. He had done it.” Good job devs! Can’t wait for the update!

Speculation at best. Wont believe it until I see it.

maybe its just a random phrase like pat is asleep

You didn’t need to start a new thread for this. There are three (!) large threads discussing the current server status:

The new status message has already been posted in two of them.

Are you kidding me… I just got a beta key from a guy buying it for £10 for me. I am tired…

Darn. Here I thought that Rust was out of closed alpha and free registration was available!

You took my hopes and shot them down. I will now cry internally.

I thought this aswell, and I was getting ready to tell him no. :stuck_out_tongue: