Sounds not being found

Well ever since the recent BIG steampipe update (Again) another problem seems to have happened.

On any server I join, Any custom sound that is downloaded from the server (Tdmcars stuff, Custom server mp3’s etc) do not load properly. They are downloaded and placed in the right directory (At least I think) but are never able to load.

Ex: Failed to load sound “(server)\jailbreak\lrsongs\lrsong3.mp3”, file probably missing from disk/repository; Failed to load sound “perp dmcars\willard/drift.mp3”, file probably missing from disk/repository

So bassicaly any sound from anything (mostly), Especially TDMcars in PERP (And I don’t think this is a TDMcar’s problem cause it does this with any sound) has this problem and I can’t hear the sound, It’s like garry’s mod is searching a different directory (my gmod is currently located in ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/SteamApps/(Account)/Garrysmod/garrysmod). It’s trying to find another directory and the sounds aren’t located there so its giving this error.

As of the update, Is garrysmod suppost to be somewhere else? Cause for now I can’t hear ANY custom sounds on any server what so ever.

And yes, I have updated all my games (Validated them) css, Hl2 and ep’s, Garrysmod and all that.

Opt into the Dev branch for GMod, it’s fixed there.

I can’t, There is nothing to opt into for me, The drop-down menu won’t open the only option there is to opt out of all beta’s.

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Nevermind I had to exit garrysmod xD.

Opt’d in, Going to see if that fixed it, If it did I’ll mark as solved.

And I’m locked into the dev branch. What the fuck?

Fixed by opt’ing into the Dev Branch.